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Nothing Beats the Stability of Dental Implants from Dr. Segal

Are you hiding your smile because of missing or unhealthy teeth? Do you sometimes skip meals because it hurts to chew? These situations should not be taken lightly. Missing or severely decayed teeth can cause a host of oral and general health problems, not to mention the embarrassment of an unsightly smile.

Replacing missing teeth is essential to maintaining your health and your appearance. Although there are a number of teeth replacement options, dental implants procedure from The Art of Smile will give you the stability and security you need to most closely match your natural teeth. Dental implants replace the roots of your teeth, and they act as an anchor to support a variety of tooth replacement options.

Dental Implants in Florham Park, NJ

Dental implants are essentially screws, usually made from titanium, that are surgically placed directly into your jawbone. The wonderful thing about titanium is its natural ability to bond well with human bone, a process known as osseointegration. This characteristic makes titanium the metal of choice for surgical hardware. As the implants heal, they will become fully integrated into your jaw, creating a synthetic root for whatever tooth replacement you choose.

Once your dental implants are placed and healed, they are ready to support your restoration. A porcelain crown can be used to replace a single tooth, whereas a bridge can be supported by implants to replace several teeth in a series.

Most dental offices will send you to a specialist for implant placement, since it requires surgery, and have you come back for your restorations. At The Art of Smile we do both implant placement and restorations, so you get all your care in one location.

Implant-Supported Dentures

Dental implants can even be used to replace a whole row of missing teeth by supporting a full set of dentures. This will give you chewing strength and stability with fewer implants.

Traditional removable dentures have been around for centuries. In fact, until fairly recently they were the only form of teeth replacement. For the most part, dentures are effective, but they lack the stability offered by implants.

Dentures rely on a perfect fit, suction, and sometimes denture adhesive to stay in place. Unfortunately, without teeth to help maintain bone density in your jaw, your mouth and gums will change shape, weakening the fit of your dentures. This is why dentures are notorious for coming out unexpectedly, especially when you are eating and laughing.

With implant-supported dentures, four to six implants will be used to anchor a full set of dentures. These implants will hold your dentures into place, giving you more stability and stronger chewing power. You no longer have to worry about your dentures coming loose at the most inopportune time, so you can laugh and eat freely, confident your dentures will stay put.

Same-Day Smile

The Art of Smile dental office can send you home with a new implant-supported smile in just one day with a process known as All-on-4. This technique is ideal for those with insufficient bone mass for traditional implants. All-on-4 uses only four implants to anchor a whole row of dentures. Two of these implants, however, are placed at an angle to make full use of available bone matter. When receiving All-on-4, a temporary denture will be attached to the implants to send you home with a smile.

Schedule an Appointment for Your Dental Implants

There is no reason to put your health at risk with missing teeth. Dr. Segal and the expert staff at The Art of Smile can use dental implant technology to give you a great looking smile that will provide all the freedom and function of natural teeth.

Make your appointment today. Simply call 973.845.9955 to schedule an appointment at The Art of Smile, or fill out our convenient online form, and one of our associates will contact you to determine the best time for you to come in.

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