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A Brand-New Smile Is Waiting for You at The Art of Smile

Many people are missing all of their teeth in this country, from accidents, serious illness, and of course, tooth decay and gum disease. Many more people have teeth and gums that are so unhealthy extraction is the only option. But even in these extreme cases, the hope for a beautiful smile is not lost. Dr. Segal and the expertly trained staff in Florham Park, NJ can build you a new smile with a full-mouth reconstruction at The Art of Smile.
The value of a healthy set of teeth can not be overstated. Obviously, you need strong teeth to eat. Diets that consist only of soft foods that can be chewed easily with unhealthy teeth, or no teeth at all, do not provide enough of the nutrients you need to stay strong and healthy. And let’s not forget the social and emotional benefits of having a beautiful smile. The confidence that comes with having a smile you are proud of helps you feel good about yourself, which helps you feel more comfortable when interacting with others.
Here at The Art of Smile, we want to help you stay healthy, and with the restorative dental techniques we offer, we can do just that. There is no need to be embarrassed about the state of your oral health. No matter how unhealthy your teeth are, or how they got that way, Dr. Segal can give you a new start with a brand-new smile!

Dental Implants

For a teeth replacement solution that most closely matches the structure and function of your natural teeth, dental implants are a must. Made from surgical metal, usually titanium, dental implants are posts that will be surgically placed into your jawbone. As you heal, the dental implants will bond with your bone tissue, something titanium does very well naturally. In the end, you will have an anchor for various forms of teeth replacement. In other words, you have a new root.

This new root can be used to support a variety of teeth replacement options. To replace an individual tooth, an implant can be topped with a porcelain crown. For a few teeth in a series, a fixed bridge can be supported by implants. Even a complete set of dentures can be held in place with dental implants, giving them a secure and stable fit that is not possible with traditional removable dentures.

Mini Implants

One of the biggest problems with missing teeth is the deterioration of your jawbone. As you lose bone mass, the shape of your face changes, adding years to your appearance. This also makes it difficult for traditional dentures to keep a good fit.

Dental implants could solve this problem, but if your jaw has already lost a significant amount of bone mass, full-sized implants may not be an option. However, even in this situation, you still have options. In some cases, a bone grafting surgery may be necessary to build up the bone mass you need to support implants, but that is not your only choice. Mini implants can give you the stability of full-sized implants without the bone grafting surgery to compensate for bone loss.

Mini implants work the same way as full-sized implants. They are the same length, but mini implants are half the thickness as traditional implants. This allows for a smile restoration, even when the jaw has shrunk due to bone loss.

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