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The Art of Smile Is Your Home for Orthodontics in Florham Park, NJ

Most people seeking orthodontic treatment are doing so because they want straight teeth for a beautiful smile. This is certainly a major benefit to receiving orthodontics from The Art of Smile in Florham Park, NJ if you’re in the Livingston, Chatham, Madison, Morristown, or Millburn area, but it is not the only reason. Misaligned teeth can cause several oral health problems that are not only unsightly but could also jeopardize your general health.

On your first visit to The Art of Smile for orthodontic treatment, you will be given a thorough examination to determine exactly what your needs are. Orthodontist, Dr. Segal, will then consult with you about what corrective care is needed, how long it will take, and what your predicted results will be. After deciding on an orthodontic treatment plan, we will take X-rays and make impressions of your teeth to begin the process of straightening your smile.

Teeth straightening is not just for teenagers, either. Adult orthodontics are available from The Art of Smile in Florham Park. These short-term orthodontic treatments will give you the smile you want in less time than traditional braces.

Preventive Orthodontics in Livingston, NJ

At The Art of Smile, we believe that the best orthodontic treatment is one that prevents problems rather than correcting them. Often this needs to be done at a young age, before all the permanent teeth have erupted. That is why we start seeing patients for orthodontic examinations as early as age 7.

With preventive orthodontics, we can guide children’s teeth into proper alignment, thus avoiding such problems as crossbite, crowding, and misalignment. Preventing orthodontic problems before they become a major issue will lower children’s chances of having impacted permanent teeth or a misaligned bite, as well as problems with speech.

One preventive device is a space maintainer, which is used to keep a space open for a permanent molar once the baby molar is lost. Sometimes traditional wire and bracket braces can be used to guide the teeth into place. At The Art of Smile, we use thermal NiTi wires. This innovative material allows the wires to be placed with ease when the wire is cooled. When the wire warms to room temperature in the mouth, it regains rigidity to apply tension to the braces and gently move the teeth into alignment.

Adult Orthodontics Near Chatham, NJ

Children and teens are not the only ones who can benefit from orthodontic treatments from The Art of Smile. Many adults are looking to beautify their smile. However, they may be reluctant to pursue teeth straightening because of the notion that braces are for kids. This is certainly understandable. After all, two years with metal wire and brackets cemented to your teeth is an awfully big commitment for people who are already sensitive about their smiles. That is why we offer clear ceramic braces that are not as noticeable as metal ones, and we also provide short-term orthodontics to correct cosmetic misalignment in only a few months.

One alternative to traditional braces is Six Month Smiles. This system uses clear braces that focus only on straightening the front teeth that show when you smile. Since Six Month Smiles is a cosmetic solution and is not designed to correct major issues with your bite, it can deliver a straighter smile in fewer months.

In addition to Six Month Smiles, The Art of Smile is your home for Invisalign in Florham Park, NJ. This alternative to traditional braces uses clear aligners that fit directly over your teeth instead of metal wire and brackets. Invisalign is ideal for adults who want to improve their smiles without drawing unwanted attention to their crooked teeth. What’s more, the aligners are easy to clean and require no restrictions on your diet, which cannot be said for other orthodontic treatments.

Advanced Orthodontics

Orthodontics is more than just aligning crooked teeth. Sometimes the alignment of your jaw needs to be adjusted. Dentofacial orthopedics uses dental appliances, like orthopedic headgear, to guide your jaw into its proper healthy alignment.

Make an Appointment for Orthodontic Treatment in Florham Park

If you live in Florham Park, Livingston, Chatham, Madison, Morristown, or Millburn, simply call 973.845.9955 to schedule an appointment for your orthodontic examination and consultation, or fill out our convenient online form, and one of our associates will contact you to determine the best time for you to come in.

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