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Get Rid of Stains with Teeth Whitening from The Art of Smile in Florham Park, NJ

The aesthetic quality of your smile is not something you should undervalue or dismiss. The way your smile looks is important because it affects how you feel about yourself. In other words, a pretty smile may not directly affect your physical health, but it can affect your emotional health. That is why cosmetic dentistry is so important. Having a beautiful smile that makes you happy helps you stay confident, outgoing, and healthy!

Even if you are committed to your oral hygiene routines, you may still wake up one morning to find your smile several shades darker than it used to be. There are many reasons for this, but the important thing is that it can be reversed with a teeth whitening treatment from The Art of Smile in Florham Park, NJ.

Your teeth see almost constant use. The simple act of chewing food repeatedly throughout your life will eventually wear away your enamel, which causes your teeth to take on a dim yellowish hue. The food itself might be causing your teeth staining. Coffee is especially known for staining teeth, as are dark berries and beets. However, stains from tobacco smoking are some of the hardest ones to get off teeth.

If a lackluster smile is making you self-conscious about your appearance, Dr. Segal, your cosmetic dentist that serves the Florham Park, Livingston, Chatham, Morristown, and Millburn, NJ areas, can restore the shine to your smile. After a teeth whitening treatment from The Art of Smile, you will leave our Florham Park, NJ office with a happy and bright smile.

Florham Park, NJ In-Office Treatment

Here at The Art of Smile, we use the KöR Deep Bleaching intensive whitening system in our Florham Park, NJ office. The method uses the power of oxygen to give you fast, safe, and effective whitening results. KöR teeth whitening can erase stains that other whitening systems don’t even come close to removing. This includes tetracycline stains, which are the stubborn, dark stains caused by a type of antibiotic.

An in-office teeth whitening treatment using KöR is effective, long lasting, and pain free. In one simple visit, you can leave The Art of Smile office with a smile several shades brighter than what you walked in with.

Florham Park, NJ At-Home Treatment

If you prefer the convenience of teeth whitening at home, The Art of Smile can set you up with custom-fitted dental trays and professional-strength bleaching gel to take home with you. With only about an hour a day, you will see a results in a matter of days, and the full effect will be reached in a few weeks.

Why Not Use Over-the-Counter Teeth Whitening Treatments?

Look around your local pharmacy’s shelves and you will find all sorts of teeth whitening treatments, but one thing you won’t find is a trained cosmetic dentist to make sure you are getting the right treatment for your needs. Another thing to consider is that you may have undiagnosed dental ailments, like gum disease or tooth decay, that will make teeth whitening ineffective and possibly harmful. When you come to The Art of Smile for your teeth whitening treatment, you will receive a comprehensive oral examination to ensure your teeth and gums are healthy enough for a whitening treatment.

There’s no need to make do with a lackluster smile. If you live in Florham Park, Livingston, Chatham, Morristown, or Millburn, NJ, simply call 973.845.9955 to schedule an appointment for your teeth whitening treatment, or fill out our convenient online form, and one of our associates will contact you to determine the best time for you to come in.

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