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Straighten Your Teeth with Orthodontics from The Art of Smile

Orthodontics are another way Dr. Segal and the caring staff at The Art of Smile can provide the dentistry you need to stay well and feel good about your appearance. Misaligned teeth can cause you to hide your smile, and they can also throw off your bite and weaken it. So receiving orthodontic treatment at The Art of Smile is a matter of overall health care.

Dr. Segal has years of experience in correcting orthodontic problems like overbites, underbites, open bites, closed bites, and various types of misalignment. Issues like these can damage your self-esteem and ruin your confidence, which is why seeking treatment from The Art of Smile is so important.

Traditional Braces

Braces are a tried and true method of correcting misalignment and other orthodontic ailments. Although braces are typically associated with adolescence, it is never too late to get your teeth straightened, evidenced by the fact that one in four of Dr. Segal’s orthodontic patients are adults. Orthodontic treatment is very effective at any age, so there is no reason to put up with crooked teeth.

Orthodontic braces are more than just a cosmetic solution to a crooked smile. Teeth that are properly aligned are less likely to experience tooth decay and other oral health maladies. So it is in the interest of your health in general to have orthodontic problems corrected at The Art of Smile.

Invisalign Invisible Braces

It is certainly understandable why some people might be apprehensive about committing to an orthodontic treatment like traditional braces. The metal wire and brackets that are commonly associated with braces can be very off-putting, especially to those who are already sensitive about their appearance. In cases like these, there are alternatives shiny metal and wire.

Invisalign clear braces is a solution to your alignment issues that doesn’t use metal wire and brackets to straighten your teeth. Instead, Invisalign uses clear tooth coverings, or aligners, to gradually move your teeth into proper alignment.

Aside from being nearly invisible, Invisalign has the added benefit of being completely removable. This means they are easy to clean and there are little to no food restrictions. All you have to do is take the aligners out when you eat and when you brush your teeth, and then put them back in after cleaning. It couldn’t be easier!

Six Month Smiles

For a quicker solution that focuses on cosmetics more than function, Six Month Smiles can give you a straight smile in a fraction of the time it takes with other orthodontic treatments. Six Month Smiles uses clear braces to align only those teeth that are visible when you smile.

Six Month Smiles is the ideal solution for adults who want to improve their smile, but want a discreet and timely solution. You can have the smile you want without committing to years of metal wire and brackets.

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