Frequently Asked Questions at The Art of Smile

Below are some commonly asked questions regarding our dental services. We hope these can help answer some of your concerns. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to call our office at 973.845.9955 or send us a message using our online form.

What kind of toothbrush should I use?

Even though brushing your teeth is one the most important oral health practices there is, choosing a toothbrush is a fairly simple matter. There are really only two things to consider, size and bristle firmness. You want a toothbrush that fits your mouth. It should provide adequate surface coverage, but still fit comfortably into the back of your mouth. For most adults this means you need a toothbrush with a head that is an inch long by a half inch wide. And you always want to use soft bristles, unless told otherwise by your dentist in Florham Park, NJ. Harder toothbrush bristles can damage your teeth and gums.

How do I know if I need dental care?

The answer is simple: everyone needs dental care. Even if you take excellent care of your teeth, you still need to see Dr. Segal every few months for a cleaning and examination. Doing so will make sure that your healthy smile stays healthy.

What is a simple way to improve my smile?

Assuming your teeth are functionally healthy, cosmetic dentistry from the experts at The Art of Smile may be just what you need to be excited about the way you look. Teeth whitening is good place to start because even healthy teeth will yellow over the years. Or if your teeth are crooked, you might benefit from Invisalign invisible braces. The Art of Smile offers a full array of cosmetic dental services, so come see us to find out which one is best for you.

What are my payment options at The Art of Smile?

We take every type of payment, including CareCredit. Call our office for more details.

What are my payment options at The Art of Smile?

Do you have any specials or promotions?

What is the “perfect smile”?

There is no such thing! Everyone is different, and as such, every smile is different. At The Art of Smile, we take care to make sure your smile fits your face and your personality. You are an individual, so we will treat you like one.

How do I schedule an appointment?

Simply call 973.845.9955 to schedule your appointment, or fill out our convenient online form, and one of our associates will contact you to determine the best time for you to come in.